I am a retired university professor who is now spending time traveling and playing golf and pickleball, as well as continuing to write both fiction and nonfiction books. My wife and I currently live on the coast of North Carolina and have 3 wonderful children and 6 terrific grandchildren that bring immeasurable joy to our lives. Below are some facts about me and what I have done professionally over the past 30 years:


A.S. Pensacola Jr. College, Pensacola, Fl, 1976; Biology

B.S. University of West Florida, Pensacola, Fl, 1977; Biology

M.S. Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 1981; Biology

Ph.D. Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 1983; Physiology/Endocrinology

Postdoctoral Research: Effects of Stress and Aging on Neuroendocrine Function.


1979 - 1983 Teaching Associate, Dept. of Biology, Utah State University, Logan Utah. Courses taught included General Biology and Ecology.

1983 - 1987 Postdoctoral Fellow & Research Associate, Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology, Wake Forest University, Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC. Research areas were: (1) stress and neuroendocrine parameters during aging, and (2) stress and cardiovascular dysfunction during the aging process.

Summer '87 Research Associate, Dept. of Medicine, Section on Nephrology, Wake Forest University, Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC. Research involved neuroendocrine and cardiovascular dysfunction during stress.

1986 - 1989 Ciba-Geigi Corporation, Greensboro, NC. Technical Information Specialist on contract basis. Reading and interpreting scientific reports from universities for EPA evaluation.

1987 - 1988 Research Associate, Dept. of Psychology, NC A&T State University, Greensboro, NC. Research involved examining the effects of central nervous system salt infusion on neuroendocrine and cardiovascular parameters in rats.

1987 - 1989 Research Associate and Instructor, Dept. of Biology, NC A&T State University, Greensboro, NC. Research involved the isolation and identification of specific gamma MSH receptors in the central nervous system and their role in hypertension. Courses taught: Bioscience, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Mammalian Biology.

1989 - 2017 Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology, NC A&T State University, Greensboro, NC. Research projects: (A) Effects of prenatal and prepubertal stress on neuroendocrine dysfunction; (B) Effects of alternative therapies on blood pressure and stress hormones in older African American populations. Courses taught: Biological Science, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Endocrine Physiology, Animal Physiology, Mammalian Biology, Reproductive Physiology, Zoology. Coordinator for the General Biology (Biology 100) course, which included six class sections.


Introductory pilot course for university studies (general education) focusing on critical thinking, current events in life science, and global issues.

University studies course (UNST 130) focused on analytical reasoning (committee member)

Biology 450: Principles of Human Anatomy & Physiology for biology and science majors.

Biology 630: Endocrine Physiology

Biology 100 Online: First online biology course at NCA&T State University

Biology 369 Online: First online Human Anatomy & Physiology course at NCA&T State University

Biology 200: Writing for Biology majors


Stress in the education professions. Bishop McGuiness High School, Winston-Salem, NC.

Stress management policy for administrators, supervisors, and managers. Greensboro City School System, Greensboro, NC.

Job stress and burnout syndrome: Coping strategies for high risk occupations. Integon Corporation, Winston-Salem, NC.

Principles of Stress & Stress Management. AT&T Corporation, Greensboro, NC.

Stress Management for Corporate Executives. AT&T Corporation, Greensboro, NC.

Regularly scheduled speaker at AT&T Corporation.


American Society of Cell Biology, San Francisco, CA

MARC/MBRS Symposium, Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

Endocrine Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada

MARC/MBRS Meeting, Atlanta, GA

First International World Congress on Stress, Bethesda, MD

Experimental Biology Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Experimental Biology Meeting, Washington, DC


WABJ, Adrian, MI

WLAP, Lexington, KY

KVOX, Fargo, ND

WRSN, Raleigh, NC

KWRE, St. Louis,

MO WCCN, Bridgeport, CT

WCCP, Harrisburg, PA

Boomer – Senior Times, Orlando, FL


Academic Excellence Scholarship Awards, Utah State University

Teaching Fellowship, Utah State University

Sigma Xi Research Award

World Leader in Achievement Award, The Cambridge Bibliocentre, Cambridge, England

Winner "Health Book of the Year" award for Breaking The Stress Habit

American Bookdealers Exchange/Book World Senior Times Magazine Book of the Month Award for Sixty Second Stress Management

Faculty of the Year Award, College of Arts & Sciences, North Carolina A&T State University


Biology Department Promotions and Tenure Committee, Chair

Biology Department Grievance Committee, Chair

Biology Department Mentoring Committee

Biology Recruitment Committee

Biology Department Brochure Committee, Chair

University Studies Committee College Committee on Retention

MARC (Minority Access to Research Careers)

PENS (Partnership in Excellence in Natural Science Interns Program)

University Radiation Safety Committee

University Writing Committee

University Evaluation Committee University

Homeland Security Taskforce

Associate Editor, College of Arts & Sciences Journal


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NSF RIMI. Improvement of Cell Plasma Membrane Research Capabilities in Biology. Coinvestigator.

NIH/MBRS Grant. Prenatal Stress and/or Salt and Cardiovascular and Neuroendocrine Dysfunction. Principal Investigator.

NIH/MARC Grant. MARC Undergraduate Research Training Program. Co-participant.

NIH/MBRS Grant. Prenatal Stress and/or Salt and Cardiovascular and Neuroendocrine Dysfunction. Principal Investigator.

NIH RIMI. Reducing Hypertension in the Older African American Population by Alternative Therapies. Co-participant.

NIMH. Neuroendocrine Effects of Prenatal Stress and Alcohol. Principal Investigator. Grant was funded with a high priority score but was subsequently discontinued because of NIH budget cuts.

NIH. Improving Research Capability for ADAMHA Topics at NC A&T State University. Principal Investigator for subproject. Grant was fundable but was withdrawn due to limited grant funds available.


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